Will Norman joins the campaign

Yesterday was wet and windy, but absolutely beautiful for a cycle ride around the Isle of Dogs with Will Norman. 

Will is the Walking & Cycling Commissioner at City Hall. He has been responsible for the segregated cycle lanes across London in recent years. 

These days London doesn’t have a huge amount of money to throw at projects, but Will is a big influential voice and will help the campaign. 

I showed him the issue of the heliport. A feasibility study to open the gates was conducted, but a change in political leadership has spoiled our hope that the path would be allowed through. 

Will has promised to contact Tower Hamlets and see if he can get the heliport project back on track. 

I also showed him the closed off path at Westferry, caused by the closure of a footbridge by the Canal & River Trust. 

Will has agreed to contact JP Morgan to see if we can persuade them to allow the path across their land. 

There were many other issues I could have asked for assistance on, but didn’t want to overburden our new ally so early in the relationship. 

We fully expect Will to be an ongoing friend of the campaign into the future. 

Dan McCurry – Chair, Reclaim Our River