Isle of Dogs to open up

Tower Hamlets council are conducting a feasibility study regarding the SkySports heliport in Millwall to allow the Thames Path through. This will open up about three and a half miles of almost uninterrupted path.


COUNCIL UPDATE: “We are at an early stage of feasibility study, and we need to consider a wide range of issues before the council can develop the proposal further as part of the wider Thames Path Programme. At this point, this is only a study to establish the viability of any potential project and this proposal. This will require a careful consideration of available funding for the programme and deliverability considerations. Any resolution will require a formal decision by the Council.” Regeneration Team at LBTH. 8/9/22

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Thames Path blockages to be removed

These are the issues for cyclists, hikers, and anyone using the path.

There are three blockages on the eastern side of the Isle of Dogs.

Isle of Dogs map of path obstructions

Store That

Store That is a storage company on Klein’s Wharf, owned by the same family for generations. The owner refuses to cooperate even when incentivised.

He doesn’t plan on developing the land while he is alive and well and has no children so no motivation to see the land as an asset. He refuses to cooperate.

Store That

Kingsbridge Estate

It’s a shame because the yard is mostly empty, but he takes the view that the only way to be safe is to be surrounded by barbed wire. I haven’t been able to reassure him.

Kingsbridge Estate wall

Kingsbridge Estate have a wall across the path and the residents have been consulted and appear to be happy to see it removed. That will allow the path to flow into the Odyssey Estate.

Not included in the map is a gate at Cyclops Wharf but we’re told this is temporary.

SkySports Heliport

The heliport needs the river bank because the river is a flight path. No tall buildings to bump into. It serves Canary Wharf and has a landing several times a week.

SkySports Heliport Isle of Dogs

The Thames Path in future

The council aren’t giving details other than to say that the consultation is at an advanced stage.

The current blockages mean that we have to go onto West Ferry Road and walk half a mile then wander through an estate to rejoin the path further down.

Apart from the small diversion around Store That, the opening of the heliport will mean that three and a half miles of almost continuous path will open up.

Thames Path with obstructions removed

This will be transformational to the Isle of Dogs.

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