Tideway closes Thames Path in Wapping

https://youtu.be/wJ1kXiv5Gy8 Tideway have closed the Thames Path at King Edwards Memorial Park in Wapping. This is to build their control kiosk which contains the equipment that monitors and controls the sewer. The schedule was from January 2023 to September 2024, but we have persuaded them to bring the works forward, due to a path closure […]

Demolition of Historic Jetty on Thames Path

Free Trade Wharf have applied for a demolition order for Charrington Jetty on the Thames Path just to the east of King Edwards Park. Crumbling concrete, rotten timbers In February the PLA (Port of London Authority) wrote a severely worded warning to Free Trade Wharf. “There is the potential for a serious navigational incident to […]

Tower Bridge Wharf


RESIDENTS APPLY FOR PLANNING PERMISSION TO CLOSE GATES EARLIER. The residents of Tower Bridge Wharf have filed a planning application with Tower Hamlets Council to close the gates to the Thames Path at 7pm on winter evenings, due to anti-social behaviour. This 5-minute film explores the issues and proposes that the area be redesigned and […]