Our Aim

Our Aims

The Thames Path is loved by walkers, cyclists and families. But the path has many obstacles along the way. We want to create a continuous path where walkers cyclists and families never leave the river.

But there is a problem with the private developments that were allowed to build right to the water’s edge back when the industrial economy had ended but the recreational economy had yet to be discovered.

We have a solution. By building jetties out over the water, the path can simply go around each private development, so that people or families can walk or cycle without ever leaving the river.

The Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk, Philadelphia was built to overcome a similar problem to ours

If they can do it, London can do it. We are eight million citizens with a right to access our river without obstruction. All we have to do is come together and demand our rights. Let’s do that and Reclaim Our River!

Dan McCurry, Campaign Chair, Reclaim Our River.

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